Phonics and Sight Word Book Kit


Children will yell with excitement, "I can read!"

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21 books for only 95 cents per book!

Based on the learn-to-read sequence on, Starfall's books build confidence and provide a vital complement to the online animated learning activities. Both academic studies and the years of experience by children who have grown up with Starfall demonstrate the value of reading from (and owning) printed books.

− Developed and tested by teachers. Improved by children.
− Starfall's phonics sequence matches most curricula.
− The fiction and non-fiction books improve fluency and enhance comprehension.
− 20 years of success with all children, including struggling readers and ESL.

Set of 15 Learn to Read Books

  • Zac the Rat
  • Peg the Hen
  • The Big Hit
  • Mox's Shop
  • Gus the Duck
  • Jake's Tale
  • Pete's Sheep
  • Sky Ride
  • Robot and Mr. Mole
  • Dune Buggy
  • Soap Boat
  • Car Race
  • My Horse Glory
  • Surfer Girl
  • My Family

"I'm Reading!" Softcover Set 1

  • The No-Tail Cat or, I Like What I Am
  • Three Little Plays
  • Not Too Little to Help
  • Happy Mother's Day, Dear Dragon
  • Penguin, Penguin

The Little Red Hen and Other Folk Tales

374 pages

ISBN: 978-1-59577-100-1

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0.3-2.1 2-16 B-I BR70-450