Accessibility Information

Our Commitment

The Starfall Education Foundation is committed to providing access for users with disabilities. Our goal is to provide accessible content in the Starfall Store directly on our website for computers as well as tablets and mobile devices without the need to download or install additional software or apps.

We depend on your feedback to improve our website, so please contact us with comments or if you need help.

For Users with Visual Impairment or Blindness

The Starfall Store attempts to maintain a minimum AA contrast-ratio of 4.5:1 on all content as outlined in the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines to ensure adequate readability. Additionally, the Starfall Store is designed for use with screen reader technology. We currently test with Windows 10 NVDA and JAWS. We have also verified compatibility with other screen readers such as ChromeVox on Chrome browsers and VoiceOver on MacOS.

For Users with Mobility Impairment

The Starfall Store also makes considerations for the use of a dual-switch device or keyboard:

  • Tab key to navigate.
  • Enter key to select.

We Need Your Help

As mentioned above, please contact us if you have questions or recommendations regarding Starfall's accessibility features.