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Backpack Bear's Word and Picture Card Set

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The Boxed Set includes 223 Picture Cards for phonemic awareness and phonics activities, 156 Word Cards for decoding and word recognition activities, 2 sets of 96 High-Frequency Word Cards and 75 Organizational Dividers. The versatile cards fit in most pocket charts and are for teacher and student use.

Suggested Activities

  • Play "Memory" or other matching games using high-frequency cards
  • Make picture and corresponding word card matches playing "Old Maid"
  • Play a guessing game where a child selects a picture card, then offers clues (including beginning/ending letter or sound)
  • Encourage children to select a card, identify its ending sound, then name another word with the same ending sound
  • Use the cards to play the Starfall Speedway Game
  • Encourage your students to invent their own games!

ISBN: 978-1-59577-192-6

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Dimensions: 12" X 3.75" X 5.25"