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The Frog Prince

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Children love hearing fanciful stories in which characters transform after overcoming adversity. The Frog Prince is a retelling of the classic story about a lonely girl reluctant to keep her promise to a helpful frog. Only after she appreciates his qualities and earns his friendship does a magical transformation occur! Beautiful, whimsical illustrations draw you into the magic of this heartwarming tale.

The books in our series "Fairy tales adapted for the youngest ears" have been retold with young children in mind. Fearful and conflicting elements have been removed without compromising the essence of the tale. Your child will love hearing these stories and gain an essential cultural foundation for future independent reading.

Fairy Tales, 32 pages

ISBN: 978-1-59577-139-1

©2012 Starfall Education

Dimensions: 10" X 8" X 0.13"

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