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Over in the Meadow


Over in the Meadow is more than a counting poem. Children discover the busy creatures who live in this meadow while they predict how many come next. Emphasize the word that rhymes with the upcoming number: "sticks" prompts "six," "den" before "ten."

Written by 19th century author Olive A. Wadsworth during a time when women writers were not common, she used a made-up, male-sounding name. Her real name was Katherine Floyd Dana. She signed her work "O.A.W." which had a secret meaning: "only a woman."

Folk Tales, 24 pages

© 2012 Starfall Education

ISBN 978-1-59577-155-1

Dimensions: 8.00" x 0.13" x 8.00"
atos dra a-z lexile
2.6 20 L 501-550