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K-ELA Homeschool Upgrade Kit, Second Edition


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K ELA E2 Homeschool Upgrade Kit

Already using Starfall’s Kindergarten ELA curriculum? This kit includes most of the NEW materials required for K-ELA - 2nd Edition, except Level-K Practice Books, and a Starfall membership.

Starfall's Kindergarten ELA Curriculum is aligned with the Common Core State Standards as well as the learning standards in several individual states. Click here for more information.

Complete downloadable Kindergarten ELA Second Edition Teacher's Guide available for download in the Parent-Teacher Center™.

Order required practice books and variable quantity items by answering the questions below.

Homeschool Upgrade Questionnaire

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This form assumes that you currently use the Starfall's ELA Edition 1 curriculum and would like to purchase a kit to upgrade to Edition 2. Are you interested in purchasing the full curriculum?

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I am not interested in the full curriculum, and need an upgrade.


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