Kindergarten ELA Teacher's Guide, Second Edition

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Instruction for children, professional development for teachers!

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Kindergarten ELA Teacher’s Guide, Second Edition

  • Two sturdy books: Semester 1 & Semester 2
  • Ten themed units, 31 weeks of instruction
  • Read Me First includes materials list and scope & sequence summary
  • Easy-to-follow format, weekly overview, flexible lesson segments
  • Common Core alignment, learning standards included in margins
  • Assessment & Progress Monitoring
  • Tips for English Language Development
  • Supporting blacklines, Story Sequence Cards
  • Computer Center Card System, Weather Cards
  • Ten Holiday Supplemental Lesson Plans, integrated throughout the year

New in the Second Edition:

  • Increased writing including a daily Magic Writing Moment and opinion, expository, and narrative writing lessons
  • Introduction to grammar skills (nouns, verbs, adjectives, contractions, inflectional endings)
  • Increased higher level critical thinking questions
  • Additional Science and Social Studies content

992 pages

ISBN: 978-1-59577-252-7

Dimensions: 11" X 9.5" X 2.5"