Starfall Kindergarten Math Curriculum

3, 2, 1, Blastoff!

Starfall Kindergarten Mathematics is a research-based 33-week spiraled curriculum that brings joy to learning math. This dynamic program explores the universe of mathematical thinking, using numbers, shapes, and measurement tools to connect mathematics to everyday scenarios and practical problem solving. Progressive daily routines solidify concepts and create an intuitive understanding of time, sequence, and place value over the course of the year. Starfall Kindergarten Mathematics will take you and your students on an exciting numerical adventure. Get started today!

Curriculum Highlights Include

  • Numbers (Focusing on 1-20)
  • Addition and Subtraction
  • Place Value
  • Solving Equations
  • Creating and Interpreting Charts and Graphs
  • 2D and 3D Shapes
  • Weather, Time, and Temperature
  • Positional Words
  • Measurement
  • Fractions
  • Money
  • Patterns
  • Probability and Estimation
Starfall Math creates learners who think about math in real-world experiences. My class was excited to see what we would be doing every day. They are beyond ready for 1st grade!
Gissela, Kindergarten Teacher
I love using Starfall Math because everything is at my fingertips and I don’t have to go from one teacher resource to another to teach my lessons. My students loved the math games, and I appreciate how the Starfall website tied in with the lessons. My students are well prepared for going into 1st grade.
Rebecca, Kindergarten Teacher
Kindergarten is a magical time for children. They’re still young enough that everything is amazing, but they’re old enough to start learning in a more formal setting. It’s important at this stage to find a curriculum that gives them a solid foundation but still enables them to feel like they’re having fun. Overall, I definitely recommend this product. It’s a complete year of lessons while still keeping that “fun” factor for the child that’s so important at this age.
Wendy, Homeschool Mom