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Introducing the 2nd Edition of Starfall’s Kindergarten English Language Arts curriculum!

This update to our Kindergarten Curriculum includes all of the components you enjoyed in the original program, with expanded lessons and new improvements you will love! Starfall Kindergarten helps you establish a collaborative environment in which struggling readers, English language learners, and advanced readers explore, learn, and grow — together. This playful and effective program teaches reading and writing skills, with content-area instruction in technology, social studies, and science. You can reinforce the skills and strategies you teach in the classroom with the interactive Starfall.com membership website: a vital part of Starfall Kindergarten.

New in the 2nd Edition

This 2nd Edition of the Starfall Kindergarten English Language Arts Curriculum maintains the integrity and content of the original program, and adds additional components and higher level content to make it more academically challenging. New features include:

  • Augmented writing instruction, including daily Magic Writing Moments and opinion, expository, and narrative writing lessons
  • Introductions to additional grammar skills and terms, including nouns, verbs, adjectives, contractions, and inflectional endings
  • Anchor charts for capitalization, punctuation, and writing rubrics
  • Zac & Friends chapter books featuring classic Starfall characters
  • Lesson modifications for English Language Learners
  • Increased higher-level critical thinking questions
  • Expanded science and social studies content

Teach with Confidence

Starfall Kindergarten was created by professional Kindergarten teachers with over 100 years of combined classroom experience. The scripted lesson plans demonstrate effective instruction, guiding new teachers to perform like their seasoned peers. Because the lesson designs are flexible, teachers enjoy the freedom to modify and expand them to meet their students' needs. The resulting curriculum is scientific and research-based, focusing on:

  • Motivation — Fuel a collaborative classroom environment with teacher-guided and child-directed instruction, hands-on experiences, and interactive online activities.
  • Phonological Awareness — Ensure effective phonological instruction with short daily exercises.
  • Phonics — Teach sound and spelling relationships systematically, sequentially and explicitly.
  • Vocabulary — Explore the meaning of words encountered during everyday communication, instruction, and in quality literature.
  • Fluency — Model fluent reading during story time or via the website.
  • Comprehension — Build comprehension skills and strategies through direct instruction, group discussion, and example.
  • Writing — Use writing as a means to teach and integrate skills, and as an informal assessment tool.


A Greater number of Starfall Students achieved proficiency on the DRA

A study of the Starfall Kindergarten English and Language Arts Curriculum in 2013 among 431 Title I kindergarten students demonstrated that Starfall students far outpaced other students in reading proficiency in all student subgroups, including students with Limited English Proficiency (LEP) status. Download the full study.

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