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Science and Social Studies Kit


This kit comprises a collection of science and social studies books and posters. The books and posters provide substantive informational text to support literacy in history, social studies, and science.

Level-K Science and Social Studies Kit

  • Backpack Bear’s Plant Book
  • Backpack Bear’s Mammal Book
  • Backpack Bear’s Bird Book
  • Backpack Bear’s Reptiles, Amphibians and Fish Book
  • Backpack Bear’s Invertebrates Book
  • How I Know My World book
  • Backpack Bear’s Animal Kingdom Poster Set
  • Backpack Bear Learns the Rules book
  • Precipitation book
  • Historical Figures Poster Set
  • America the Beautiful book
  • I Am Your Flag book
  • A Young Hero book
  • Dinosaurs! book
  • Reach for the Stars book
  • Helen Keller book
  • Pond Ecosystem Poster

ISBN 978-1-59577-077-6
ISBN 978-1-59577-086-8
ISBN 978-1-59577-087-5
ISBN 978-1-59577-088-2
ISBN 978-1-59577-089-9
ISBN 978-1-59577-090-5
ISBN 978-1-59577-191-9
ISBN 978-1-59577-085-1
ISBN 978-1-59577-061-5
ISBN 978-1-59577-210-7
ISBN 978-1-59577-083-7
ISBN 978-1-59577-080-6
ISBN 978-1-59577-082-0
ISBN 978-1-59577-142-1
ISBN 978-1-59577-127-8
ISBN 978-1-59577-240-4
ISBN 978-1-59577-250-3